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February 9, 2023

5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Hot Yoga

Yoga is really great for you for flexibility, weight loss, and more, but did you know that there are tons of additional health benefits of hot yoga as well? Does the thought of drowning in a puddle of your own sweat while twisting yourself into the shape of a pretzel feel a bit daunting? This […]
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February 7, 2023

How to Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Weeks [Tips to lose weight quickly!]

Have you been trying to find ways to lose weight quickly,  but can’t seem to find something that actually works for you? There are so many programs out there that offer empty promises or even dangerous diet plans that will do more harm than good. Shuffling through all of the misinformation can be exhausting and […]
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February 5, 2023

Yoga For Beginners: 7 Essential Poses (PDF Included!)

Yoga is one of the most amazing activities you can do for your body, especially considering you don’t need gym, equipment, or any prior experience! You’ve probably heard a similar pitch for yoga before and maybe even dabbled in a class here and there yourself. But, what is it that’s really so great about yoga?  Isn’t it […]
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February 1, 2023

7 Benefits of Stress Reduction in Women

Stress is something we are all familiar with. Usually, when we are stressed, we can feel it. That constant fluttering in your chest, the rock in your stomach, possibly even the feeling of nausea. There are so many things that can cause us ladies to feel stress, including our jobs, taking care of our families […]
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January 25, 2023

4 Best Healthy and Eco Friendly Yoga Mats + How to Choose One

It’s easy to forget just how many of our normal, everyday belongings are bad for us, or bad for the environment. And then you see a special on TV or a post on social media about the trash in the ocean, or about plastic causing cancer, and you commit to going all-natural for good! You buy […]
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